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01/31/2012 16:01:00

How to properly handle trolls on StarCraft II

This is what happens when a noob comes to channel: Clan AoF and starts talking shit to Bacon (Which is me)

He says I can’t rap. This guy is a retard who got his ass handed to him.
The beginning is how it started, I rap to him further down this chat log


You: kenzy is still in here


hey IZSkrillex

 remember wolf?? now AoFShadow???

IZSkrillex: yea

i remember


You: ”that one guy that invited me to play in his clan tournament”

that was him

IZSkrillex: i also remember your shitty rapping ^^

You: lolololol

 wanna rap battle?

IZSkrillex: no

i dont rap


You: that’s what i thought

IZSkrillex: doesnt mean your good

You: you can’t say nothing bout nobody’s rapping till u can show em u can rap battle


i mean not battle

hahahaha, well if u can’t do it better then

IZSkrillex: dude

You: and fyi i know i’m good

IZSkrillex: you cant rap


neither can i

You: lol

i can rap, you can’t

IZSkrillex: AND your full of yourself

You: i rap good dude… you’re that one of a thousand that tells me i can’t

i am NOT full of myself thankyou

IZSkrillex: yea

You: and why are you talking shit u started this shit for no reason

IZSkrillex: im expressing my feeling about your rapping

and your getting mad

not me

You: keep em to yourself

IZSkrillex: free country

You: some things you don’t have to share with other people

free country? i’m talking about manners

IZSkrillex: i have em

i can say what ever i want

You: and be rude to other people

did u read the clan requirements?

have good manners is one of them

IZSkrillex: dude

Anansi: wtf y can’t i load vs ai single player?

IZSkrillex: i never play sc2

im not even a member

You: so you only log on to talk shit to me

IZSkrillex: yep

pretty much

when was i talking shit?

all i said was that your rap sucks

Anansi: your dubstep blows

IZSkrillex: lol

Anansi: i can fart better dubstep then u

IZSkrillex: skrillex?

Anansi: yeah

IZSkrillex: LOL

how is he bad?

just explia

blaugrana: rofl


last time i heard

IZSkrillex: explain

blaugrana: my ears bled

IZSkrillex: ok

blaugrana: explain? ok here goes

Anansi: skrillex can’t dub a step for his life

blaugrana: all songs sound the same son

IZSkrillex: your ears bleed when they are punctured

Anansi: totally missing the dub

IZSkrillex: LOL

Anansi: and the step is way off mark

he’s pissing all over true dub step

IZSkrillex: you guys have no logical arguments

blaugrana: skrillex killed dubstep

IZSkrillex: no

Anansi: skrillex should be tarred and feathered

IZSkrillex: he made it popular

blaugrana: ROFL



IZSkrillex: lol k

Anansi: he’s the biggest sell out

IZSkrillex: ok there

watch a interview


Anansi: if i had a choice between selling out like skrillex or being a turd sandwich

guess which i’d pick?

You: okay wel one thing i dont understand about you skrillex

You: is how you can talk shit about someones rapping, and not rap better yourself

it’s like you telling someone your dancing sucks and you can’t dance

IZSkrillex: your still about this?


You: it’s like saying dude you suck at math when you’re not as good as them at math

blaugrana: lol


You: and its like saying dude you suck at speaking english when you can’t speak english better

you’re retarded

IZSkrillex: ok

i have an opinion

You: and i have mine

and i know i’m good

IZSkrillex: and i respect that everyone has their opinion about skrillex

You: so

IZSkrillex: yea


your awesome

You: look if you’re only going to bring negativity then plz leave, if u want to be positive and have fun u can stay but just stop with the hate god

IZSkrillex: dont bring religion

You: fucking a… a troll

IZSkrillex: ?

so you rap about sc2?

You: about whatever the fuck i want to

IZSkrillex: must get all the bitchs

You: IZSkrillex, all he does is talk smack, he talks shit about rappers when u can’t even rap, saying that we suck, you dont know whats up, and if you think these rhymes dont rhyme well you’re wrong as fuck, cause i know how to flow, you’re a straight up homo,

go watch gay porno

look at a photo

of a dude lickin the ass of another dude, i aint tryin to be rude, you and another guy nude, thats what u like eating dick like food

the smell of dick comes from your breath, if all you’re here for is talking shit then leave aof, peace nigga

IZSkrillex: rofl

your raps make 0 sense

You: my raps make 0 sense, well you have 0 friends

IZSkrillex: orly

You: go away, you just a shit talker, my zealot owned ur shit cause you can’t micro your stalker

you’re a little noob trying to go phoenix, cannon’d my min line u can’t harass suck my penis

IZSkrillex: wtf

are you trying to be cool

WHILE talking starcraft?


i remember when i was cool like you

then i got laid

You: am i trying to be cool? i already am you stupid fool, go back to school, i can own you by just attacking with my mule (*For those who don’t play the game: The unit “Mule” doesn’t have an attack*)

IZSkrillex: your mule?


your pretty cool

You: hey look at him fellas, i think he’s jealous, can’t rap can’t flow, what the fuck does he know, can’t battle me back, cause if he tried to we’d laugh cause he’s whack

IZSkrillex: no one is talking to you

but me

no one cares

You: keep talking smack, i’ll lyrically attack, to watch the way you react, when it dont even rhyme, go ahead stupid lil kid waste your time

IZSkrillex: how many subs you have? 4?

i could get more by scratching a chalkboard with my nails

You: four? no i have more, your sister subscribed to me and your mom is a whore

IZSkrillex: ohhhh

the old your mom is a whore

good one

You: yeah i’m talking about your momma, you’re all up in clan aof trying to cause drama

IZSkrillex: never heard that one before

You: cause you can’t hera shit, what u say dont rhyme u can’t spit

IZSkrillex: man

you must be popular with the men

in bars

You: fucking a dude you just fail, you should go to gay people jail, and get your butt fucked cause you will like it, i know you’ll like it cause i’m a psychic, i read your thoughts, u already lost, i’m your motherfucking boss

IZSkrillex: gay people dont have their own jail

sorry to say

You: they need to make a special one for you, get the fuck off of starcraft 2

IZSkrillex: nah

im fine

You: go download starcraft 2: heart of the swarm that comes out of your anus, you’re bm as fuck we dont want you to play this

IZSkrillex: i can report you


You: you’re full of gayness and i’m the greatness,

IZSkrillex: that didnt make any sence


You: you try to bring people down, you’re going to go to hell, you’re retarded and you farted oh god whats that smell

IZSkrillex: if i was you: your face dont make sense

ok there buddy

You: but i’m just laughing at you noob, i cut off your mom’s boob, this seems kinda gorry, but it made your mom horny, she got on her knees for me, i aint gonna tell the rest of the story

damn you’re just getting ripped son

IZSkrillex: my mother is dead.

you necrophiliac

oh yes, so ripped

You: thats a cute lie, but nice try, i dont care cause its about you that needs to die

IZSkrillex: well

you seem to be sending death treaths

You: well, u got owned, straight up pwnd, now leave us the fuck alone

IZSkrillex: good bye sir

You: bye bye, i wont miss you, your mom said i can’t wait to kiss you

IZSkrillex: rofl

your raps make me rofl

from the brutal terribleness ofthem


You: you say i’m bad when i’m rappin, you say you’re not cool if u rap about starcraftin, well i’m attackin, medivacs stimpacks in action, droppin, on your hatchery and watch as its poppin, can’t mess with me i aint stoppin, that aint an option,

IZSkrillex: could you stop talking about my mother like she is a whore? she is dead.


You: you think i can’t rap you must be retarded, and you’re the one that actualy started, this whole shinanagan, well i dont want to rap to you again, yes this is the end, go away you’re not my friend

IZSkrillex: stop talking about sc2 like its the shit


bye bye

You: lol that izskrillex is an idiot



u dont like it why u on the game xD


07/22/2011 01:57:38



Protoss Guitar Concept





Protoss Guitar Concept



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07/22/2011 01:54:51


For the swarm! :D

Lol.. a zergling?


For the swarm! :D

Lol.. a zergling?


07/22/2011 01:53:53

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07/22/2011 01:53:35

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